Field Observer Reports

Monthly site visits are performed to provide details on overall construction progress and advise on related progress payment requests, evaluate any change orders, report on testing results provided, assess stored materials, and provide comments concerning the overall percentage of completion. Additional services required by the Client may also be provided.

Due Diligence Reviews

Initial reviews of varying depths of analysis are provided that include a review and evaluation of the proposed construction plans, an analysis of the proposed construction budget for adequacy and reasonableness, and additional comments relating to project documentation such as geotechnical reports, contracts, schedules, surveys, permits, and zoning.

Property Condition Assessments

Reviews of existing properties consist of observations and reporting on an existing property’s present physical condition, estimating and prioritizing repair items, evaluating any renovation or capital expenditure budgets, and commenting on available project documents. Representative project photographs are included.

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Founded in 1972, AECC is a pioneer in construction consulting for financial institutions. As one of the first national firms, AECC was created to provide services exclusively to financial institutions and investors. We’ve built strong relationships in the industry representing hundreds of Clients over the past 45+ years.

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